Happy New Year!

When I arrived back from my European adventure, my parents announced that they put my Grandmother’s house and family land on the market. Below are screws that were found in the old barn.

Once the new trimester and my new classes started, the Erie Sisters of Mercy had their semi-annual retreat at their lake house in North East, Pennsylvania. There is always prayer, meditation, time for conversation on religious life, and of course, lots of delicious food. Dinner is usually Italian, and made by the amazing Sisters of Mercy Associate, Angie.

at their retreat house in North East, Pennsylvania.

Here is a shot of holiday decorations at the lake house.

At Mercyhurst, the holiday decorations are always gorgeous. I really like the contrast of the Christmas Tree and holy figures in the painting.at the Mercyhurst Chapel

Here is a shot of the complete Old Main lobby.

Upon flying back home to California, my mom and I hosted a holiday cookie baking party for our friends. There were lots of delicious gluten free goodies (and even a few isolated gluten-y ones).

Below, is the finished product.

On Christmas Eve itself, my family and I went to our friend’s house for a Christmas Crab Fest. I don’t like crab, but I had delicious chicken and couscous salad with fruit bits in it.

Here is a bird decoration that was in our friend’s kitchen.

Outside our own house, we have these Poinsettias. I’m allergic, so they have to stay outside, but they are still pretty to look at!

Inside our home, my dad puts the angel on top of the tree.

Here, I am next to the tree.

I hope that you had a wonderful holiday and have a hopeful new year!

2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. tom

    That’s a very comprehensive summary of your Christmas, Katie. You have a real artistic eye. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas at home and your time with the Mercy Sisters. Will look forward to your albums during 2013. Hope the next year brings all you hope for. Please say hello to all your family. Kindest always, Tom


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