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Pumpkin Patch 2013

Time away from home during the fall always gives me new perspective.

Small Pumpkin

On one hand, there is nothing more gorgeous than an East Coast fall; but on the other hand, there is nothing like a cozy, coastal town that lives for the holidays.

Lady Bug

Half Moon Bay, California, has always always reminded me of the fictitious Halloweentown in the Disney Channel Original Movies by the same names.

Pumpkin Patch FrontNot only do the quirky people remind me of the characters from the movies; but a stop at any of the numerous pumpkin patches feel like you’re actually visiting the imaginary town, despite the lack of people in costumes (or monsters).

Little Monsters


Of course, the above sign could also refer to Lady Gaga’s fans and not the adorable costume-clad children or Halloweentown characters- but who’s to say, which is right.

The pumpkin patch owners, maybe.

Rocking Horse


A visit to Half Moon Bay, always feels like visiting a place frozen in time- or maybe just a few serene hours engraved on my soul.

At one of the pumpkin patches, to the side of the ponies, waiting to be ridden, this rocking horse sat smiling and waiting for use.

Pastorino'sWandering the pumpkin patch, I found large pumpkins awaiting to be weighed for contests; scarecrows; hay bales; and even fun wooden cutouts to stick my head through.





Too bad that I didn’t go at night, because I bet that the haunted houses would have been a lot of fun (even though I hate things like that).

Noelle Pumpkin Farm

Noelle Pumpkin Farm BW

In between all of the exploring, I managed to snap several photos of my friend Noelle around the farms.

Noelle and I October 2013

(And even get someone to take a photo of myself- ha!)

Spidey-HorseUntil next year.


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