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Halloween 2015


The week before Halloween, Noelle, Katie R., and I went to Lemos Farms, in Half Moon Bay. Upon our arrival, this guy greeted us from his spot in a giant, old truck.Truck Dog


We went with the intention of cosplaying the sisters (Edith, Agnes, and Margo), so naturally, we brought a stuffed Minion and Unicorn.Minion and Unicorn


Here, Katie R. and Noelle, pose as Agnes and Margo.
Katie and NoelleAfter posing for pictures, we found the petting zoo and met these gorgeous, blue-eyed goats.Blue Eyed Goat Blue Eyed Goat 2 Here, “Margo” cuddles up to them.Noelle and the Goat 2 Aren’t they cute?Noelle and the GoatHappy Halloween!

Wedding Bells A Ringing

Spring term of my senior year was a combination of sleeping ’til noon; classes three days a week; senior celebrations; and working my butt off to get to graduation.

It started with best friends’, Kahla and Kyle’s, bridal showers.

Ham It Up: Kahla and Kyle

We were running around for weeks beforehand, but finally the day came, we settled on a church hall, and set up in record time. Here, Kahla takes a moment to smile before the shower.

Smiling at her bridal shower.

Smiling at her bridal shower.

But not before expressing her pre-shower jitters.

Kahla Nervousness

For food, Kahla decided on a cupcake bar, where each person got to choose a cupcake flavor, icing flavor, and toppings. Here, my cupcake, a gluten free vanilla deliciousness with tons of sprinkles, waits for me to eat it.

Kahla invited guests to come dressed as princesses, since it was fairy tale themed. We made a contest out of it and here, the winner, Celina, poses in her outfit with her cupcake and smile!Cupcake Princess

Celine was one of the only tween attendees, but their were a bunch of children present, as well, Here, the youngest guest watches the bride-to-be, as she holds her, in awe.

Baby Bridal Shower Guest

Look at those big, blue eyes!

Kahla and Kyle Smile

Congrats, Kahla and Kyle!