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Dublin Weekend

This weekend I stayed at a hostel for the first time when my school group travelled to Dublin!

We stayed at the Ashfield House, which had some awesome desk staff and interesting travelers to talk to.

It took a while for me to learn that the ground floor is considered ‘zero’ in Europe, while it’s considered the ‘first’ floor in the United States.

Our first evening in Dublin, we had an intense tour of the city while we raced the sun.

Downtown was definitely worth a re-visit, especially since it was a circus of street performers, shops, and venders of all types. I didn’t know which direction to look!

These guys were my favorites:

After the group tours, we were allowed to explore in small groups. My friends and I found an awesome indoor and outdoor market that sold things with tons of colors and textures.

On our last day there, we stopped at the Irish Museum of Natural History.

Although it made me a bit queasy, it was fun to watch the people of all ages explore the countless animals- I heard a parent explain it to their child like this: “It’s like a zoo, where the animals were stuffed.”

On our way back to the hostel, I saw this poster:

It’s definitely worth checking out the website that it sends you to.

Finally, during our free time, I dragged my friends through blocks of older real estate to find the Sisters of Mercy International Center and Catherine McAuley, the Sister of Mercy’s foundress, house on Baggot Street. Sadly, the buildings were closed, but I left feeling closer to my roots, since I am a Mercy Girl.

There was so much left to explore in Dublin that I hope to visit again before I go back home at the end of the term.