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Mother’s Day

For Mother’s Day, my mom asked to go to the Half Moon Bay Nursery and on a hike.

Since I worked on Sunday and and a friend came into town, we ended up postponing the activities until Monday, which ended up allowing us to avoid the crowds.


Mom picking flowers BW

Although my mom ended up buying a variety of different flowers and plants, my favorite flowers were probably the geraniums. The bright pink kept catching my eye all over the nursery.

HMB Nursery

I often found the greenhouses and the roofs of the greenhouses had as much character as the flowers.

Flower Sign 2


Sometimes, my favorite things were all of the different colors and shades a single type of flower could come in.

Pinks and Reds

Sometimes, it was the texture that caught my eye.

Green Plant

Sometimes, it was just the way that the sun struck things.


Other times, it was learning about the flowers and plants.


As usual, I found and tried to make friends with the resident animals.

This time, it was the resident expectant cat.

Cat on the counter

Kitty HMB

We ended the day with a short drive and hike in the Redwoods on Skyline Drive.

Mom in the Redwoods

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mother’s (official and non-official) out there!


Washington DC

I’ve been to Washington DC before. I went with my class back in 2009, the week of President Obama’s first Inauguration. This trip was a lot different, not only because I’m older and more knowledgable about political issues, but there were so many less people, so I could do a lot more.

Me posing in front of the Capital building in DC.

Me posing in front of the Capital building in DC.

I visited the Library of Congress with my family and even picked up some new reading for myself. I can’t resist literature on social media, modern media, technology, and revolution. I’m currently working my way through the four new books that I bought there. It feels great to have time to read lit of my own choosing and not a professors (even though I do enjoy most of what mine have recommended or had us read in the past).

I picked up several books from the Library of Congress bookstore and could have spent all day there- I can’t wait to read the book about social media and revolution, with primary examples from various uprising.

Mom is waving from across the street.

Mom is waving from across the street.

Around DC

This was a building around the block from the White House. I think it was a museum. I really liked the colors and the contrast.

Capital yard.

Capital yard.

One day, after visiting the Newseum with my Dad, I decided to meet up with my Mom, who decided to attend the March Against Monsanto. I ended up following the demonstrators around for the entire march. I ended up with some great action shots of the march.

Here I am by the White House during the March Against Monsanto.

Above, I pose with the White House and the pre-march preparations in the background. I didn’t plan on going to a march in DC, but ended up at one that centered around an issue I know and care a lot about.

My school played Food Inc in the theatre for community movie night. Not to mention that my mom is very passionate about GMO food awareness and I have food issues myself. I’m an expert food label reader and being able to participate in such an event took me one level deeper into passion for the cause.

Below, is my favorite shot from the day.

March Against Monsanto sign in front of the White House and American Flag.

March Against Monsanto protest sign in the foreground, with the White House and American flag in the background.


Flip through the gallery below for more pictures from the day and look out for more blogs documenting my summer adventures!

Me on the Newseum rooftop!

Me on the Newseum rooftop!