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Halloween 2015


The week before Halloween, Noelle, Katie R., and I went to Lemos Farms, in Half Moon Bay. Upon our arrival, this guy greeted us from his spot in a giant, old truck.Truck Dog


We went with the intention of cosplaying the sisters (Edith, Agnes, and Margo), so naturally, we brought a stuffed Minion and Unicorn.Minion and Unicorn


Here, Katie R. and Noelle, pose as Agnes and Margo.
Katie and NoelleAfter posing for pictures, we found the petting zoo and met these gorgeous, blue-eyed goats.Blue Eyed Goat Blue Eyed Goat 2 Here, “Margo” cuddles up to them.Noelle and the Goat 2 Aren’t they cute?Noelle and the GoatHappy Halloween!