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Communication Campaigns Trade Show

I thoroughly enjoyed the classes that I took my final term at Mercyhurst!

Two of my favorite classes were Communication Campaigns and Convergence Management. I know that I will use the skills and information from both classes in the near future as I enter the professional world.

For Communication Campaigns, we worked in groups to help create a Shop Local campaign for the Erie Regional Chamber of Commerce and Growth Partnership. My group worked received personal services, which included everything from barber studios to carpet cleaners to nursing services.

We called ourselves ‘Decant Media’. ‘Decant’ means ‘to pour’; so we went with the theme of ‘pouring ideas’ from one medium to another.

My position within the group was Social Media director and photographer.

I wrote and produced a film about shopping local, with the help of local barber Joe Lombardo. We could not be more helpful for all of his support.

Not only did we have to create a campaign, we had to create a booth for a trade show, where we were judged by our professors, peers, and community members and professionals.

Booth Banner

We created a variety of materials to hand out to trade show guests.

Personal Services Erie Borchure

My group had materials, a movie running, a site walk through, and a photography booth, and later, a masseuses.


Here’s a prop from the photographer’s booth.


Straw Hat Photo Booth Prop

For our booths, we had to have handouts. Not only did we receive a lot of gift cards and vouchers for personal services from local business owners, we received a lot of physical items, such as pens.


The group that had Athletics hung sports equipment, among other things. They raffled off merchandise for those who voted for their booth.
Cleat Sports

Here, my classmate, Charlie, who was in the Professional Services group, poses at his groups’ booth.Charlie

Great job to all my classmates and thanks to all of the attendees for showing up!Me at the Trade Show


Mercyhurst Sign

Here, I pose with one of my schools’ signs on the edge of campus.


I can’t believe that four years have come to pass. Sometimes, it feels like yesterday, that I was a high school senior preparing for college. Then, I realize how much I’ve grown and who I’ve become during my college experience, and know that it was definitely not yesterday.

After three major changes, I received my Bachelors Degree. I majored in Communication Studies and minored in Education Studies.

Now that I’m home from all of my adventures (that I’ll post about later), I’ve begun the job search. I’m nervous, because searching for a long-term, professional job is different from any sort of teaching or internships that I’ve had in the past. Not to mention, that I find my weaknesses, as I get further into the desired employee qualifications. My parents and older brother agree that they post higher standards than they actually expect in a candidate. That being said, it’s also allowed me to know what things I should independently study and look for books on.

With my parents at school after the commencement ceremony.

With my parents at school after the commencement ceremony.

I’ve enjoyed being home, because that has allowed me to connect with people where I wish to begin my professional career, and not 3,000 miles away. I’ve begun to network, but I’m still impatient, because my “ten year plan” begins at getting a job (as does getting my own apartment and a car).

My first two years at school, I developed a lot socially and emotionally- I became a truly independent woman. My last two years, I developed academically. I developed interests and independently studied topics I found interesting. I developed new skills, learned new computer programs, resume skills, and interview skills- and now I can’t wait to show them off. This final year has truly made me feel prepared to take on the professional world.

I still have many qualms, and sometimes I wish that I would have decided to take a fifth year of classes, but I couldn’t stand to be away from California any longer. I know that being back in the Silicon Valley will be more beneficial than more schooling.

So, I took my finals; bought a bunch of school merch; and prepared to move out, with the help of my family and friends.

During move out.

Here I am with my ex-roommate, turned best friend, Kahla, as she helps me move out.

I tried to live minimalistically my final terms at school this past year, because in previous years, there was so much stuff in my apartment to move, that it caused storage issues, and for me to miss my flight home.

College was everything they said it was going to be- and everything they didn’t say it was going to be- but I’m glad (and so ever thankful) that I got to go.

It’s been a good, Mercyhurst.

Me showing off my empty apartment during move out.

Me showing off my empty apartment during move out.

Take it easy and thank you.